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Who we are:

We're a team of different yet similar individuals—youthful, enthusiastic experts in events, music, sports, and culture. Some of us are experienced in organizing events, while others are real partygoers. 

The event industry is at our fingertips! 

Since 2011, we've managed thousands of musical, cultural, sports, and business events.

Fuelled by the same creative energy, we aim to innovate and set new tech trends in the event industry. We look forward to celebrating each other’s birthdays and love throwing spontaneous office parties.

Our core team in the Zagreb office consists of 15 unique individuals. Including our Slovenian and Bosnian colleagues and external part-time associates, we're like a small concert crowd :) As we continue to expand, we expect our core team to soon surpass 30 members.

Step into our office, and you’ll be hit with a wave of positive, friendly vibes. We embrace challenges, and importantly, no one here is afraid of Mondays. 

About Entrio

Chances are, you already have, at least one Entrio ticket

This modern, self-service platform saves organizers time, boosts revenue, and extends reach. Entrio also plays a crucial role in sales through points of sale, supported by excellent customer service and strong marketing.

We not only follow global market trends—we set them!

Entrio is an international team working daily to ensure attendees reach their favorite events. We support the regional event industry by providing a reliable and efficient ticketing solution. From small local events to large international festivals, we've helped manage ticket sales and optimize events for success. 

  • Established in 2011 in Zagreb
  • A 100% Croatian product
  • Over 13 years of expertise
  • Active across Croatian, Slovenian, and Bosnian markets
  • Successful collaboration with over 2,000 organizers worldwide
  • More than 4 million tickets sold
  • Over 18,000 events served

This is how we do it:

  • Professionally
  • Proactively 
  • Precisely 
  • Efficiently
  • Ethically
  • Responsibly
  • Transparently
  • As a cohesive team
  • With great music playing in the background
  • With lots of fun, good pranks and yes - some bad jokes :P
  • Working smart, not hard

Office vibe

Good vibes only...

Say you work at Entrio without saying you work at Entrio...

Our office has a new look! It’s not about the materials—whether wood or brick—it's about the good vibes. The décor captures the spirit of all Entrio colleagues—their energy, passion, and approach to work, embodying everything Entrio stands for.

Our modern, cozy, and pet-friendly office is located in the heart of Zagreb's business district, at Radnička Street, a 10-minute walk from the main bus station. 

Each workspace is spacious, equipped with a laptop, an extra monitor, and high-quality noise-canceling headphones—everything you need for a comfortable and productive day.

Our entertainment lab is here:

Who let the dogs out?


Our dogs, the Bark Managers, are perhaps the happiest members of our team. 🐾 We must admit we didn't ask them to show us their resume or cover letter. Don't tell anybody, but they didn't even have a job interview. 

They spend their days in the office, occasionally alerting us about the dangerous postman. :) Feeling stressed or down? Just talk to them. They will always find the time for you. 

Hope you're not afraid of the dogs!

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